Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Have, You Have: EAL Games

Looking for an activity to reinforce learning of some common past tense verbs for my beginner group, I came across this Blog linked on the main TESOL website,  and was reminded of a game I have not used for awhile: so many resources, they come and go and easily forgotten unless revisited.

This one is simple, easy to make and adaptable for all learning situations and ages.  I saw it being used for times table:

I have 12, who has 3 x 6?
I have 18, who has 4X5?
I have 20, who had 2 X8? etc

For past tense practice I use the following structure:

I have swam who has the past tense form of sleep?
I have slept, who has the past tense form of kick?
I have kicked, who has the past tense form of sing? etc

Sample template here to create your own.

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