Saturday, May 11, 2013

Supporting Parents to Support their Children

We recently held a Spanish Language coffee morning at school. The purpose?  To provide an opportunity for the parents to come together and collaborate on ways to maintain their children's mother tongue (in this case Spanish) whilst attending an English-medium International School.

The group was diverse, with 12 different nationalities represented in the room,  but one common thread  kept repeating and that was how difficult the job is as a parent to maintain the mother tongue outside of the home country

Starting ideas from the group included organizing a social event BBQ to bring all the families together so the children could see a common language culture they all belong to in the school, after-school lessons and purchasing some more spanish-lanaguage books for the library.

Thinking about  this group, I like this website for some practical tips for parents rasising bilungual children outisde of their home country.

Multilingual Children's Association

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